IPI thermal insulation

Founded in Quebec in 1989, Isotex-Pro International has established itself as a leader in the industry of thermal insulation. Combining consulting services, development, manufacturing and distribution of insulation products, IPI has the expertise to meet the needs of industrial, commercial, mining and municipal sectors.

IPI's thermal insulation expertise includes:

  • Manufacturing insulating products right here in our plant to reduce onsite installation costs;
  • Custom designed products according to specific customer's needs.

IPI researches and develops intelligent concepts and innovative manufacturing processes to provide higher quality products. Our insulating products meet the most diverse thermal and climatic standards, from the coldest to the hottest temperatures.

With its reliable experience, IPI offers comprehensive expertise to help you make a strategic choice of insulating and related products.

IPI tackles large-scale projects. With its flexible production capacity, intelligent and multitalented team, and local, national, and international operations, IPI serves both warmer climates and northern regions.

IPI insulating products:

  • Reduce heat loss;
  • Prevent freezing of equipment, pipes, and accessories;
  • Diminish the harmful effects of condensation;
  • Protect workers near high-temperature equipment;
  • Keep the refrigerated water used in air conditioning and other systems at the correct temperature.